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Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt

Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt

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Taste test: This small energy bar offered something that most bars don't: a transparent wrapper (at least, most of the top of it), allowing us to see the chunks of chocolate and almonds inside even before opening it. Opening the wrapper revealed a very nice surprise that was hidden by the non-transparent part of the wrapper: the whole bottom of the bar was coated in chocolate.

I bit in to find generally a soft-ish, flexible feel, but that softness was punctuated by some decidedly more solid bits when encountering some whole and partial almonds and pecans. It was a mix of several fairly intense tastes, and it would probably be best to wash down with a beverage, but it was pretty good.

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Smell test: Nice strong chocolate smell.

From the package: “A delicious way to energize your day, Cliff Organic Trail Mix Bar is made for mixing it up and discovering all the good stuff the day has to offer. Combining simple and organic ingredients that are good for both our bodies and the planet, our trail mix bar comes in flavors for just about every occasion — no matter where the trail takes you.”

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Company: Clif Bar, Inc.

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