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SkyFlakes Cracker Sandwich Tsokolate

SkyFlakes Cracker Sandwich Tsokolate

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Taste test: We've reviewed SkyFlakes before, but the original, Onion & Chives and Garlic kinds were just crackers, while this new one is a cracker sandwich! And not just a cracker sandwich, but a double-decker sandwich — and a rather large one. The overall package contained 10 individually wrapped sandwiches. Each of the three cracker layers of one sandwich had the same dimensions of the non-sandwich versions: three rectangular, detachable sections, combining to measure about 3-1/2 x 2-1/4 inches, and each of those three sections had a 3x6 grid of holes. Between the three cracker layers were two thin chocolate creme layers.

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The configuration made it pretty easy to break a sandwich into thirds, and even one of those pieces was quite a lot. I crunched in to find that the crackers were kind of like Saltines, though less crumbly and without any noticeable salt. The chocolate was enough to taste, but it didn't provide much more moisture than the crackers, so the sandwich was definitely on the dry side. It provided a slight chocolate rush, but the chocolate was hidden behind a whole lot of cracker.

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Smell test: Strong chocolate smell.

From the package: “10 Individually Wrapped”

Online store: Buy crackers on Amazon #ad

Company: Monde M.Y. San Corp. (Philippines)

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This snack was discovered at 99 Asian Supermarket, Malden, Massachusetts. Review published .

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