Fiber Gourmet Lite Nacho Snacks

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Fiber Gourmet Lite Nacho Snacks

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Taste test: These snacks looked similar to Cheez-Its, with a dull orange overall color, but the color was not uniform, as there were some lighter spots from the salt visible on the surface, as well as some darker orange spots.

After having the original (non-nacho) version of this same snack, my expectations were low, because that kind was awful. My expectations were raised when I took a whiff of this bag. On the first bite, there was some nacho zing, but it came with the same awful texture as the other kind. Once the initial flavor went away, things got even worse, as the fiber that they added to the dough just tasted and felt horrible. Lots of people love to eat their Cheez-Its by the box, and they should probably continue to do so, because these were just dreadful.

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Smell test: Pretty intense nacho cheese smell, with some zing. Very nice.

From the package: “Our 80-calorie pack won't leave you hungry!” .. “50% More Snack” ... “12g Fiber” ... “By adding 12 grams of fiber we can give you 50% more cheese snacks for even fewer calories”

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Company: Fiber Gourmet

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