Fiber Gourmet Lite Cheese Snacks

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Fiber Gourmet Lite Cheese Snacks

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Taste test: These snacks looked a lot like Cheez-Its in terms of shape and color, with a uniform fairly bright orange color, the trademark postage-stamp edges, a pinhole in the center, and some salt visible on the surface.

The difference between these and Cheez-Its became quite evident right after biting in, as these closely resembled cardboard, in terms of both taste and texture. The crunch felt wrong, and the taste was just super-bland at first. As the cracker started to dissolve in the mouth, things got even worse, as it just didn't feel right, and the good cheese taste never arrived. A few of our tasters liked them, but most were immediately repulsed upon biting in, and one of our tasters felt compelled to go to the office vending machine to buy some Cheez-Its to cover up the taste in her mouth.

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Smell test: Kind of bad, like it's only the bad part of the cheese or something.

From the package: “Our 80-calorie pack won't leave you hungry!” .. “50% More Snack” ... “12g Fiber” ... “By adding 12 grams of fiber we can give you 50% more cheese snacks for even fewer calories”

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Company: Fiber Gourmet

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