Cheez-It Stix Cheddar

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Cheez-It Stix Cheddar

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Taste test: This new style of Cheez-Its was a big disappointment.

First, the "Stix" name was something of a misnomer. They were really more like strips than sticks, as they were about an inch and a quarter long, a quarter inch wide, and thin and flat, with a hollow interior like the original Cheez-Its. I would expect a stick to have a round profile, and to be strong enough to dip into something, but the flat Stix were so thin that they would break if you tried to dip them. In fact, many of the pieces in the box were already broken. For some reason, the pieces were given a fancy shape, sort of like those fancy table legs, instead of being plain rectangles,. They were basically made of the same material as the regular square Cheez-Its, but the thinness of the Stix gave them a lighter, less cheesy feel, unless you eat a bunch of them all at once. The box bragged of an "Endo Cheezmic Wall" but in reality these were as cheesy or less cheesy than the original Cheez-Its.

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Smell test: Really weak smell, not much like Cheez-Its at all.

From the package: “Super Tasty Irresistible Xtra-cheese” ... “Baked with Real Cheese” .. “Actual Size” ... “Baked Crunchy Fun!” ... “Stix Flavor Investigation: Crunch Complex – Ah-Ha ... This is why there's a crispy crunchy. Flavor Caps – These are very important! They keep the real cheese flavor from bursting out. Endo Cheezmic Wall – Wow! This covered the entire Stix and it gives it a cool shape.”

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Company: Kellogg's

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