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Cheez-It Cracker Sandwiches Italian 4 Cheese

Cheez-It Cracker Sandwiches Italian 4 Cheese

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Taste test: We've eaten and reviewed many kinds of Cheez-Its, with all manners of shapes and flavors, but this is the very first time they've combined two of them into a sandwich.

The Cheez-It-branded cracker sandwiches mostly followed the formula of other cheese cracker sandwiches, with each individual packet containing six square sandwiches of the same size as all of those other brands. The package contained six of those packets.

A closer look inside the wrapper of the first packet revealed that the actual crackers had the same postage stamp-like notches around the edges as ordinary Cheez-Its. They were larger than normal Cheez-Its and had a 3x3 grid of holes, rather than just one in the center. The center hole was a bit bigger than the others, in some cases allowing a bit of filling to come through. The crackers had the signature orange Cheez-It color, and the cheese filling was kind of a peach color. (One odd thing: the individual wrappers did not look like the ones pictured on the outer package, with different graphics and made of clear plastic rather than foil.) I crunched in to find that the crackers had a brittle feel that said "Cheez-Its" to me. There was a good helping of cheese filling, with a strong mix of cheeses, and it all tasted quite good.

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Smell test: Very strong cheese smell.

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Company: Kellogg's

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