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Cheez-It Big

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Taste test: This box said that each of the Cheez-Its inside was twice the volume of original Cheez-Its, so before opening it, I paused to think about what that meant. Drawing on my many years of studying geometry some decades ago, I did some quick calculations and determined (based on the assumption that these crackers weren't any thicker) that the height and width should each be about 1.4 times the normal Cheez-It dimensions. This didn't seem like that dramatic of a change, so I was expecting to be disappointed that the pieces weren't all that big.

When I dove into the box, the reality was very much the opposite. They did look quite big and impressive. Each Cheez-It was about an inch square. That actually doesn't sound big, but I must be so accustomed to the size of regular Cheez-Its that these really did seem imposing. The taste and texture had all of the usual Cheez-It cheeziness, except each piece was bigger. As as result, you could eat the same number of pieces as usual but walk away much more filled and satisfied. The box got shared around among quite a few snackers, and everyone had the same reaction: They liked eating them, and they did think they were impressively larger than the usual ones.

Still, one inch square isn't all that big. They could get bigger. So our challenge is out to the Sunshine/Keebler/Kellogg's cracker conglomerate for their next great innovation in cheese crackers: How about Cheez-It Huge?

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Smell test: The usual Cheez-Its smell. Good.

From the package: “Twice the Size!*” ... “*Than Original Cheez-It® Crackers volume” ... “Big Taste!” ... “Enlarged to show detail”

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Company: Kellogg's

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Target. Review published .

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