Achiras Huilenses La Original
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Achiras Huilenses La Original

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Taste test: These roughly tube-shaped snacks were yellow on the outside and looked fairly dense, at least compared to similarly shaped cheese puffs. The tubes were a bit over half an inch in diameter.

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I crunched into the first one to find that the inside was solid, with kind of a cracker-like crunch, though far thicker than any normal cracker would be. It had a mild cheese taste that was just OK, as it didn't taste bad, but it just wasn't quite the kind of cheese that I like.

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Smell test: Mild cheese smell, pretty good.

From the package: “Cheese Biscuit” ... “It doesn't contain preservatives and colors or artificial flavors.” ... “Ingredients: Achira Flour, Peasant Cheese, Eggs, Vegetable Margarine and Salt.” ... “Colombian Product” ... “El Auténtico Sabor Opita!”

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Company: Exquisitos Bizcochos de Achiras (Colombia)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Perola Supermarket (Kensington Market) Toronto. Review published .

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