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Wegmans WOs Mint

Wegmans WOs Mint

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Taste test: Having reviewed many, many kinds of Oreos, it's not usually a priority to try out every store-brand knockoff. But when I spotted this one, something stood out that drove me to buy it. The bottom right corner of the wrapper had a window area, and the parts of four sandwiches that I could see through it had a very impressive amount of creme filling — this from a product that didn't even claim to be "double stuffed" or anything of the sort.

The package lacked the handy peel-open top that Oreos have had for the last few years. Instead, I had to pull open one end of the wrapper and then slide out the tray, just like in the olden days, and it was a bit cumbersome. Inside, I found that their were 30 sandwiches, all filled generously with lots of light green filling. The filling wasn't all green, as there were also many bits of chocolate cookie mixed in. The cookies' outer surfaces had a different pattern than Oreos, with the stylized W from the Wegmans logo in the center and sort of a floral pattern around it.

The taste was a lot like Mint Oreos, with lots of mint, lots of chocolate and a nice crunch. All that filling also gave the sandwiches a very creamy feel. Very good!

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Smell test: Very nice chocolate mint smell. Great!

From the package: “Chocolate Sandwich Mint Creme Cookies” ... “Naturally flavored” .... “Chosen with care! We only offer products we love — and we hope you'll love them too. If not, we'll give you your money back. –The Wegmans Family”

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Company: Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

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