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Candy Cane Double Filled WOs

Candy Cane Double Filled WOs

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Taste test: Just a week after discovering the Peppermint Bark Oreos, we happened upon these store-brand cookies, which promised to add a candy cane flavor to the chocolate sandwich cookies (and as flavors go, candy cane doesn't sound all that different from peppermint bark). Colorwise, the cookies looked like standard Oreo-style sandwiches, with black cookies and a white filling. The cookie faces had some floral-like design elements around the edges that were a lot like what's on an Oreo, but the most noticeable part of the design was the stylized W (as in Wegmans) that looked kind of like a heart shape when it was upside-down.

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I bit in to find a great mix of chocolate and mint, with a similar crunch and texture to Oreos, very nice. One thing that the Peppermint Bark Oreos featured that these did not was some tiny red sugary bits in the creme that added a bit of crunch. These cookies didn't claim to have any such bits, but the weird thing was that I felt some additional crunch as if they did. I opened up some cookies to lick off the creme to see if there was something in there, but there didn't seem to be. Maybe it was in the cookies, though I couldn't see anything. Anyway, these were quite good!

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Smell test: Great chocolate mint smell. Very minty.

From the package: “Chocolate sandwich peppermint crème cookies”

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Company: Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

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