Trader Joe's Crispy Cookies filled with Belgian Chocolate
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Trader Joe's Crispy Cookies filled with Belgian Chocolate

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Taste test: I never noticed these cookies at Trader Joe's until after I read that Pepperidge Farm had dropped a lawsuit against Trader Joe's about these very cookies. They claimed these were a copycat of Pepperidge Farm's delicious chocolate Milano cookies, both in the look of the cookies and the packaging design. So on my next visit to TJ's, I made sure to pick up a bag.

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Before getting to how the cookies were to eat, some observations on outward appearance: 1) The package didn't remind me of a Pepperidge Farm cookie bag at all. Completely different look. 2) If I hadn't heard about the lawsuit, it would never have crossed my mind that these were a Milano copycat. Yes, they were sandwich cookies with a chocolate filling, but they didn't have rounded ends, a very distinctive feature of Milano. They also didn't have the generally irregular appearance of Milano. So I would never have dreamed up the lawsuit. This is why I'm not a lawyer.

As for the cookies, they were very good, with a nice crunch and lots of rich Belgian chocolate. The texture was different from Milano, so again, not really a direct copycat. Very tasty cookies, though.

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Smell test: Very nice rich chocolate smell.

From the package: “Made by a Dutch cookie company, using Belgian chocolate, for American cookie-lovers, Trader Joe's Crispy Cookies filled with Belgian Chocolate are the cookie symbol of international peace and harmony. At the very least, they speak the universal language of good taste.”

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