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Príncipe con Relleno Sabor Chocolate Blanco

Príncipe con Relleno Sabor Chocolate Blanco

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Taste test: This long packet contained four stacks of two cookie sandwiches, with chocolate cookies enclosing a white filling, but they looked very different from Oreos. Each cookie had three rings of concentric indentations on the exterior face, the outermost rings being round and the inner two more oval, with a row of three bonus indentations running through the very center. But the most surprising thing about the cookies was that they had a light glaze. The cookies themselves and the filling each had about the same thickness that you'd find in an Oreo sandwich.

I crunched in to find a very crumbly feel, leaving lots of crumbs behind, so I'm glad that I ate it over a plate. The taste was excellent, as the chocolate and creme filling combined very well with each other and with the glass of cold milk that I had in between bites. Good cookies!

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Smell test: Kind of a strange chocolate smell.

From the package: “Sabor que conquista” ... “Hecho en Mexico” ... “Consérvese en un lugar seco y fresco.”

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Company: Grupo Bimbo (Mexico)

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This snack was discovered by Mike Bufano in Cancun. Review published .

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