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photo of S'mores Oreo
Snack Review

S'mores Oreo

S'mores Oreo

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Taste test: It looked like this Oreo flavor got some extra attention from the Oreos product development folks, as there were several innovations beyond the usual for special-edition Oreos.

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The obvious (and easy) way to make a S'mores Oreo would be to take the famous chocolate Oreo cookies and insert some marshmallow and graham cracker-flavored filling. But that's not what they did. Instead, they made a special graham cracker version of the cookies and used both chocolate and marshmallow for the filling. I liked this idea, as it set up the sandwich much like a real s'more, with the graham crackers containing the chocolate and marshmallow.

The chocolate and marshmallow filling was done differently from other dual-filling special editions, such as Cotton Candy, Caramel Apple and Candy Corn, as those kinds split the filing area between the two colors, while allowing each one to be the full thickness of the filling. This one instead put two layers within the filling. However, it was not evenly split between the marshmallow and chocolate like the cookie pictured on the front of the box; the relative thickness of each layer varied quite a bit within each sandwich, as you can see in our close-up photo.

The cookies were very light in color, not quite the same color as Golden Oreos, with the standard Oreo surface designs.

I bit in to find a nice crunch and good flavor, with definitely the taste of graham crackers and some Oreo creme — but unfortunately, not the taste of s'mores. I opened up one of the cookies to investigate the creme. When I licked some of the white part, it didn't taste like marshmallows; it just tasted like regular Oreo creme. And really I could not taste much chocolate either.

So in the end, these were good, tasty cookies, but they failed to taste like s'mores.

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Smell test: Not really like s'mores. Can smell the graham cracker, but not any marshmallow or chocolate.

From the package: “Graham flavored cookie chocolate & marshmallow flavored creme” ... “Limited edition”

Online store: Buy Oreos on Amazon #ad

Company: Mondelez

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This snack was discovered by Matt Gagnon at Shaw's. Review published .

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