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Oreo Marshmallow Moon

Oreo Marshmallow Moon

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Taste test: "Landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth," as described by President Kennedy in May of 1961, was a pretty big deal, and it was completed successfully just over eight years later, in July of 1969. Despite making a cookie that has the same shape as a full moon, it took far longer for Oreos to commemorate the moon landing, but now they've done it with this limited edition package, just under 50 years later.

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The special efforts for this product included: 1) Three space-themed designs for one of the external cookie faces, with one depicting a crescent moon with some stars; another showing Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin posing with the American flag; and oddly, a third design depicting the Space Shuttle, which was many years away at the time of the moon landing. 2) A lavender-colored filling, much like the Peeps Oreos. 3) A marshmallow flavor for that filling. 4) Some glow-in-the-dark stuff on the package, including some of the white lettering on the front and three detachable stickers on the back (with three editions each providing a different set of stickers).

The cookies didn't taste much different from regular Oreos. I couldn't notice much in the way of marshmallow as distinct from standard Oreo filling. Still, they were good Oreos.

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Smell test: A little different from the usual — I could smell some marshmallow.

From the package: “Limited Edition” ... “Pack glows in the dark!” ... “Moon landing 50th anniversary”

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Company: Mondelez

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