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Hot Cocoa Oreo

Hot Cocoa Oreo

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Taste test: These Oreos used a noticeably different formula than some other limited editions that split a single filling layer into two types (like Candy Corn Oreo, PB&J Oreo or Jelly Donut Oreo), as this one instead had two thinner layers stacked on top of each other. Depending on which way you hold the cookie, it was a white layer over a brown layer, or the other way around.

I bit in to find a whole lot of chocolate, very nice. But despite the two huge marshmallows pictured in the mug on the package — and the use of marshmallows to replace the letter O three times in the words "Hot Cocoa" — it didn't taste like the white layer provided any marshmallow taste. It seemed to be the standard Oreo creme. Nor did the combination really taste like a cup of hot chocolate. Basically, it tasted like a regular Oreo with a little more chocolate and a little less creme. With all of that chocolate, I would highly recommend some cold milk. Pretty good.

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Smell test: Definitely different from regular Oreos, and probably because of the inclusion of chocolate creme, but it didn't really smell like hot chocolate.

From the package: “Limited Edition” ... “Always made with real cocoa” ... “At Oreo we ???? cocoa so we use real cocoa in every chocolatey Oreo cookie we make” ... “Wonderfilled”

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Company: Mondelez

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