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Oreo Funstix

Oreo Funstix

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Taste test: The box contained eight two-packs of wafer cookie sticks similar to the delicate, fancy ones that everyone likes so much.

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The outside of each hollow tube was made of the Oreo chocolate cookie material, and the inside was lined with Oreo creme. They tasted mostly like Oreos, though the cookie-to-creme balance was slightly closer to the cookie side of the spectrum than regular Oreos. Each wafer stick was pretty much one solid piece, unlike the delicate, multilayered texture of fancier ones, but that didn't really detract too much, as they were indeed fun to eat. The one real downside was that they were also messy to eat, as pieces of Funstix cookie tended to go flying in all directions when bitten into, so this might be one to eat over a plate. Also, the problem of black Oreo material ending up all over your teeth happened almost as much with these as it does with regular Oreo cookies.

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Smell test: Smells like Oreos.

From the package: “16 Stix 2 per pk” ... “100 calories per pack”

Online store: Buy Oreos on Amazon #ad

Company: Mondelez

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