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Little Debbie Original Recipe Fig Bars

Little Debbie Original Recipe Fig Bars

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Taste test: These fig bars were a little bit longer than two Fig Newtons would be if joined end-to-end.

Each bar was individually wrapped and included an indentation (located slightly off-center) to aid in splitting the bar into two pieces. The taste was pretty much the same as Fig Newtons, but the texture seemed even softer, and the bars didn't seem to be quite as solid as Fig Newtons, as the pastry was a bit crumbly. Still, they tasted like Fig Newtons, one of the few real fruit snacks that tastes so good that it makes you forget you're eating fruit.

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Smell test: Not much.

From the package: “made with Real Fruit” ... “Little Debbie Has A Snack For You” ... “*Contains a trivial amount of trans fat.”

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Company: McKee Foods

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