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Lacta Bis Oreo

Lacta Bis Oreo

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Taste test: These Oreo-themed wafer bars broke most of the rules of wafer bars, as the pieces were individually wrapped rather than detachable pieces of a brick, and they were smaller than your typical wafer bars. The package contained 16 bars, arranged in two layers of eight, with each blue wrapper bearing the Bis logo and some illustrations of Oreo cookies (but not the Oreo logo).

Each piece measured 2 inches in length, a half inch thick and a bit under 3/4 inch wide, and consisted of four black Oreo cookie-colored layers surrounding three much thinner white creme layers, with a thin (and occasionally incomplete) white chocolate coating over the whole exterior.

I bit in to find a nice crunch, similar to other wafer bars but with a bit of the brittle/crunchy Oreo texture, with the creme layers playing their Oreos role of providing some contrast to the chocolate. The taste was similar enough to Oreo cookies to justify the use of the Oreo brand. They were good enough (and small enough) that it was hard to resist eating a whole bunch of pieces in a row, and as you expect from Oreos, they went well with cold milk.

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Smell test: Nice creamy chocolate smell, similar to Oreos, but creamier.

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Company: Mondelez

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Mineir√£o One Stop Mart, Union Square, Somerville. Review published .

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