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Keebler S'mores Original

Keebler S'mores Original

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Taste test: After reviewing the peanut butter version of Keebler's S'mores and finding that they didn't taste like s'mores (but still were quite good) we figured it was time to try the original; if they didn't taste like s'mores, there's a problem in the Keebler tree.

We opened the package to find that they cookies looked the same from the outside as the PB version. Then we crunched in, and let's just say there is indeed a problem in the Keebler tree. They didn't taste like s'mores at all. They tasted like blondie Oreos coated in chocolate. The filling didn't feel like marshmallow, and it didn't taste like marshmallow. It wasn't quite the same flavor as an Oreo filling, but it was still a creme filling, not marshmallow in any way. There wasn't any peanut butter to save them this time. Didn't taste like s'mores and didn't taste that good. Big miss here.

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Smell test: Really nice! Smells like a melted marshmallow being toasted on the campfire!

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Company: Kellogg's

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