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Keebler Simply Made Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Keebler Simply Made Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

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Taste test: These round sandwich cookies appeared to be Keebler's version of Oreos. They had a similar overall appearance to Oreos, but each sandwich looked a tad smaller, so I got some Oreos and measured both to find out. Turned out they were indeed smaller, measuring 1-5/8" in in diameter, vs. a bit over 1-3/4" for Oreos. Side-by-side, these looked quite noticeably smaller. And the Oreos were thicker too. Besides being smaller, the package also had fewer cookies, at 30 here vs. 36 for the standard-size Oreos.

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The sandwiches had their own floral designs on the outer cookie surfaces and the words "Simply made" (but not Keebler) in the center, plus six holes arranged in a hexagon. The package didn't make any direct comparisons to Oreos, but the implication that I took from whole approach was that these were supposed to lack the relatively complex ingredient list that Oreos have, while delivering a similar experience.

I bit in to find a feel that was similar to Oreos, but not quite the same, and a taste that was remotely similar without being an exact match. They didn't taste bad, but the chocolate was much less intense. The white creme filling tasted noticeably different. The cookies were crumbly like Oreos, but slightly less so. The weakness of the chocolate lead to an overall impression of being inferior to Oreos.

Even the package tried to emulate Oreos but didn't quite get it right. It had a peel-open top that could be resealed, much as Oreos adopted several years back, but Oreos somehow do this without putting something sticky on the sealing surfaces. In this case, the bottom surface was sticky.

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Smell test: Not the same as Oreos. Nothing bad, but not as good, a much less intense chocolate smell.

From the package: “Made with simple ingredients including vanilla • wheat flour • butter • sugar • cocoa”

Online store: Buy cookies on Amazon #ad

Company: Ferrera Candy Co.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Star Market (formerly Shaws, and Star Market again before that), Porter Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published January 2016.

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