Trader Joe's Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Trader Joe's Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Taste test: The state of packaged chocolate chip cookies is generally not a good one; it's rare to find any that come close to the taste or texture of homemade ones, ones made from pre-packaged dough or even supermarket bakery cookies.

So when I spotted these "Highbrow" cookies, I was hoping for something that stood out from the crowd. I opened the unusually proportioned cardboard box (unusual for a cookie box, that is) to find two separately wrapped trays, each containing seven cookies. The cookies looked a lot like homemade cookies, with not-quite-round, irregular shapes and bumpy surfaces. They had very few chocolate chips visible, though most of the cookies did also have some bumps that appeared to be concealing chocolate chips. The cookies were fairly large, with the biggest ones about 3 inches in diameter, and (bumps aside) they were quite thin. It took just one bite to learn that they were also quite good. There was a good crispness, with a solid (but not hard) crunch. They were not bendable at all, but the interior seemed moister than the outside, particularly the chocolate chips, and everything tasted very good, from the flavorful dough to the sweet milk chocolate chips. The cookies proved themselves to be worthy of the "Highbrow" name. They may not have been quite as good as the very best homemade cookies, but they were better than many of the ones I've tried, and they stood far, far above just about every other store-bought cookies.

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Smell test: Good chocolate chip cookies smell. Above average, but not quite like homemade.

From the package: “One taste ... Of these crispy, crunchy cookies and we knew we were on to something good. The cookies showcased the power of simple ingredients well-wrought into a classic recipe.”

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Company: Trader Joe's

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