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Haunted Chips Ahoy!

Haunted Chips Ahoy!

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Taste test: This version of Chips Ahoy added some small pieces of fudge candy with an orange-colored coating to the regular Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.

The actual cookies didn't look nearly as appetizing as the large cookie pictured on the package, as there weren't as many chocolate chips or candy pieces, and there was sort of a scuffed look. But that didn't affect the taste at all — these were pretty good. They tasted mostly like regular Chips Ahoy, but with a little extra crunch from the candy pieces.

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Smell test: Same as non-haunted Chips Ahoy. Really good.

From the package: “Be Afraid!” ... “Trick or Treat!” ... “Eerie!” ... “Made in Mexico” ... “Crammed with real chocolate chips & candy coated chocolate fudge pieces!”

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Company: Mondelez

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