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photo of Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream Biscuits

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Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream Biscuits

Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream Biscuits

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Taste test: These cookies looked kind of like hippopotamuses (but just to check, I did a Google image search for "hippopotamus", and none of the real ones looked as friendly as the cookies did).

The top of the hippo had markings for eyes, eyebrows and nose, and the sides were covered with many small pieces of chocolate, plus a minority of white pieces. Biting in revealed that humps had the feel of thin, light wafer cookie sticks, and they were filled with a puddling-like substance, with vanilla on the bottom and chocolate on top. The whole experience was very rich and very good. Our snackers were quite skeptical before biting into their Happy Hippos, but everyone ended up being absolutely thrilled with the taste. Superb!

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Smell test: Very nice, really smells like a cup of hot chocolate.

From the package: “Delicious individually wrapped hippo shaped biscuits witha milk and cocoa filling” ... “Now crispier than ever!” ... “Milk and cocoa”

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Company: Ferrero UK (United Kingdom)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Kiki's Kwik-Mart, Brighton, Massachusetts. Review published .

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