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Göteborgs Ballerina

Göteborgs Ballerina

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Taste test: These cookies took a big break from the standard sandwich cookies formula, as the top cookie had a big hole in the middle, so there was chocolate and hazelnut filling not only in the standard Oreo-style filling area, but also a whole lot of the same filling in that hole.

The bottom cookie was made with chocolate, and the top (holey) one looked like a butter cookie. I liked the taste a lot, and I ate my way through these cookies much faster than I probably should have. The extra filling in that hole really helped a lot, as there was much more of the tasty filling there than in the traditional sandwich filling area. Great with milk!

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Smell test: Mild chocolate and hazelnut smell.

From the package: “cookies with a chocolate hazelnut cream filling”

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Company: Göteborgs Kex AB (Sweden)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at IKEA. Review published .

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