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Gavottes Crispy Crêpe Biscuits Milk Chocolate

Gavottes Crispy Crêpe Biscuits Milk Chocolate

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Taste test: These snacks took an unusual form, as in the end, they were basically really good cookies, but they got there by starting with a crepe, rolling/folding it up to create some hollow areas, drying it into a crunchy state and then coating in chocolate. The result was really quite good, with a nice crispy crunch, light feel and great chocolate taste.

The box contained a plastic tray with six compartments, each holding a stack of three rectangular pieces. The Nutrition Facts said that six pieces constituted a serving, but really just one piece was plenty for a perfectly good (indeed great) snack.

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Smell test: Excellent creamy milk chocolate smell.

From the package: “The Crêpe Dentelle was invented in Brittany, the result of a moment's absent-mindedness on the part of pastry-cook, Marie-Catherine Cornic.” ... “If chocolate is subjected to temperature variations, it can slightly bloom, which does not alter its qualities.”

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Company: Loc Maria Biscuits (France)

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