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Doughlish Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip

Doughlish Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip

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Taste test: It's funny how cookie dough has evolved over the years from something you sneak a bite of while making cookies, to an ice cream flavor (and even bizarre things like an Oreos flavor), to this. It looked and felt like cookie dough and was meant for eating as-is, yet was self-described as not being cookie dough — as in, don't try to bake cookies with it. (Nestlé's popular Toll House cookie dough warns against eating it raw, though they've recently introduced a just-eat-it version as well.)

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The square package was easy to open and had a small plastic spoon hidden under the label on the cover. The "dough" had the typical chocolate chip cookie color, with a generous density of chocolate chips. It was loud to eat, with a sugary type of crunch (at least loud enough for me to hear inside my head).

The taste was pretty good, a nice mix of dough and chocolate, with definitely some of that raw taste that makes cookie dough a distinct taste from cookies. It was on the sweet end of things, but sips of cold milk helped to balance that. The feel was a bit less moist than cookie dough, but it didn't feel overly dry, and it was easy to scoop out bites of it with the tiny spoon. There was a good helping of dough provided at 4.5 oz, and it made for a good sized snack.

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Smell test: Smells like cookie dough, some chocolate in there.

From the package: “No bake needed” ... “Egg free recipe” ... “Ready to eat” ... “Spoon included” ... “Not to be used to make cookies”

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Company: Taste of Nature, Inc.

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