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Cotton Candy Oreo

Cotton Candy Oreo

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Taste test: When we reviewed the Red Velvet Oreos, we were quite disappointed by the decision to shrink the package to just 10.7 ounces. Well, 10.7 oz. is apparently now a thing, as this limited edition flavor weighed in at the exact same number. It look quite a bit smaller on the shelf than all of the other flavors, and indeed it was.

We opened the package to find that the sandwiches consisted of the same cookies as Golden Oreos, with a filling split between powder blue filling and light pink.

When we offered these to a crowd that is usually very receptive to new kinds of Oreos, many people refused to even try one. (The is probably because of a combination of factors, including the fact that we offered them at breakfast time, and that the advertised flavor seemed unappealing to some.) The taste was OK, with a flavor somewhat like cotton candy, but the Golden Oreo cookies enclosing the cotton candy filling may have had a stronger flavor than the filling. It was hard to tell whether the blue and pink side tasted different, but then again, do blue and pink cotton candy really taste different?

Aroma: Kind of like cotton candy.

Manufacturer: Mondelez Global LLC

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Target. Review published .

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