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Coco Kookie Straws

Coco Kookie Straws

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Taste test: This box contained a foil bag holding 10 cookie straws, each made from the Oreo-like combination of chocolate exterior lined with creme on the inside.

Indeed, we previously reviewed a similar Oreo-branded product, Oreo Funstix. This kind was even better than the Oreo version, as the cookie sticks had a textured exterior, more of a delicate, multi-layer structure, and a very soft and tasty creme filling. I didn't have any milk handy to try drinking through these straws, but that might had been fun.

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Smell test: Not much.

From the package: “All Natural Coco Kookie™ Straws make drinking fun. These delicious rolled wafers are lined with delicious cream and can be used as a draw with your favorite beverage or just dip and enjoy.”

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Company: DeBeukelaer Corp.

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