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Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids

Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids

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Taste test: I gave up on trying to taste every new kind of Chips Ahoy years ago, because so many turned out to be disappointments. (I focused instead on trying every kind of Oreo.) However, this was one that I could not resist, not so much because it sounded incredibly awful, though it did, but mostly because it was different from anything else we've ever reviewed.

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I'm a bit creeped out by the very idea of Sour Patch Kids. They're shaped like people, so eating them seems too much like cannibalism. In this case, it seemed even weirder — instead of using whole Sour Patch Kids, they embedded dismembered bits of them inside the cookies. The gummy pieces weren't all that was in the cookies; since they're Chips Ahoy, there had to be chips. The chips weren't chocolate and instead had similar bright colors to the Sour Patch Kids, as well as similar sour flavors. (The chip bits were larger than the gummy bits, but it wasn't nearly as visually obvious which was which from looking at the actual cookies as it was in the ones pictured on the wrapper.)

The result was about what I anticipated — if I got to choose any cookie and chocolate was off the table, I would pick just about anything before these. The sour taste didn't go well with the crumbly Chips Ahoy cookie base, and the mix of soft chips and chewy gummies didn't make for a great texture. If you want sour, get some sour gummies. This was a fun novelty, but it was not something worth eating.

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Smell test: Smells like Sour Patch.

From the package: “Limited Edition” ... “Sour. Sweet. Gone.” ... “Made in Mexico”

Online store: Buy Chips Ahoy! on Amazon #ad

Company: Mondelez

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