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Chewy Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled King Size!

Chewy Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled King Size!

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Taste test: This smallish package promised brownie-filled Chips Ahoy cookies, with something about the cookies being "King Size!" so we had reason to be optimistic ... but given our past experiences with special flavors of Chips Ahoy, particularly the Chewy versions, we were skeptical.

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I pulled open one end of the package to find that the cookies were just regular-size Chips Ahoy, so "King Size!" was evidently referring to the inclusion of six cookies, not the size of the individual cookies. Seriously, how does six cookies make it King Size? If you were King, wouldn't you want to eat more than six cookies?

The other thing that stood out before even trying the cookies was that the packaging was awkward. The wrapper enclosed a clear plastic tray holding the six cookies, but it was a very tight fit on the cookies, so pulling the tray out was not easy, as the cookies were kind of squished in at an angle and pressed tightly against the wrapper.

The exteriors of the cookies looked like regular chocolate chip cookies, with no sign of the brownie part, though they did not look particularly appetizing and didn't resemble the ones pictured on the wrapper. I bit in to my first cookie to find that there was some brownie-colored stuff inside — less of it than shown in the picture on the package, but still, some. But the much bigger thing missing was any of the brownie experience. The whole point of brownies is to deliver intense chocolate with a crisp surface and soft interior. Since the brownie stuff was only in the interior, the crisp surface part was pretty much impossible. And as with the other Chewy Chips Ahoy flavors (Gooey Caramel, Oreo filled, Reese's and Root Beer Float), even the cookie didn't have a crisp surface; the whole thing had the feel of uncooked cookie dough. It didn't taste a whole lot like a brownie either. There was maybe a hint of brownie aftertaste, but basically the cookies felt and tasted like below-average chocolate chip cookies. Even in King Size, not fit for a king.

Shop: Buy Chips Ahoy! on Amazon #ad

Smell test: Mild chocolate/cookie dough smell. Nothing great.

From the package: “King size! 6 cookies” ... “Serving Size 1 cookie (18g) Servings Per Container 6 Cookies Calories 80 Calories from Fat 30”

Online store: Buy Chips Ahoy! on Amazon #ad

Company: Mondelez

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This snack was discovered by Elin Flashman in Bar Harbor, Maine. Review published June 2015.

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