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CBL Munchee Ginger Biscuits

CBL Munchee Ginger Biscuits

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Taste test: This box contained two separate foil packets, each containing 14 midsize round ginger cookies, with a fairly typical ginger snap look. I crunched in to find a fairly mild ginger taste initially, but it quickly transitioned into a particularly strong ginger taste. There was about the expected level of sweetness, but the ginger got stronger and stronger as I ate more cookies, and it stayed around for an intense aftertaste as well. The ginger lover's ginger cookie!

One oddity here was that although the box was divided into two packets, the Nutrition Facts defined the box as 3 servings. Not that it matters, as serving sizes are kind of a joke sometimes, but if anyone does take them seriously, it's quite a mismatch.

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Smell test: Strong ginger smell.

From the package: "100% Vegetarian" ... "Product of Sri Lanka"

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Company: Ceylon Biscuits Limited (Sri Lanka)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at India Market, Waltham. Review published .

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