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Britannia Treat Strawberry Creams

Britannia Treat Strawberry Creams

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Taste test: This packet contained four round cookie sandwiches, each consisting of two light beige cookies and a thin, very light pink filling. The cool and very distinctive thing was the designs on the outside of the cookies, depicting some stick figures playing various sports. The really unusual part was that there was a round hole in each cookie where the pink filling pushed through, representing the ball. It was a bit hard to figure out what the sports were supposed to be, but we're reasonably sure that two of them were basketball and soccer (and there were only three different ones among the eight cookie faces in the package).

We crunched in to find a nice light, crumbly feel and mild, sweet strawberry-like taste.

We also liked the brutal honesty on the package: "Contains no fruit pulp or juice, only artificial flavour," and even though it didn't taste like it was completely real strawberry or anything, it really was quite good as fake strawberry goes — we've tasted far worse fake strawberry in many other snacks.

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Smell test: Nice sweet strawberry smell. Not like fresh strawberries, but like strawberry shortcake.

From the package: “Product of Oman for export” ... “Goût Fraise Biscuits” ... “fourrés a la crème goût fraise” ... “Go Pack” ... “Contains no fruit pulp or juice, only artificial flavour”

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Company: Britannia Industries Limited (India)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Foodland, North Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published .

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