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Danix Choco-Choco

Danix Choco-Choco

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Taste test: This package of cookies followed a format very similar to other Brazilian cookies, with an identically sized package to Turmix, Passatempo and Nescau, all of which contained a stack of square, creme-filled sandwiches. In this case, the outer faces of the sandwiches featured illustrations that included various cats and dogs, some of them wearing firefighter or police uniforms, as well as a person with a troll-like haircut, a big paw print and the Danix logo. Apparently these characters are connected with the Nickelodeon show Paw Patrol. One of the sandwiches unfortunately had its cookie faces reversed, with the plain sides pointed outward and the illustrations facing the creme.

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The cookies were dark brown and fairly thick, and the filling was just slightly lighter brown and nearly as thick as the cookies. Regarding presentation, the dog and cat illustrations were very well done, just adorable. As for taste, cookies were OK, with a decent chocolate flavor, better than some Brazilian chocolate cookies, but very far from our favorite chocolate cookies ever. Definitely pour yourself some cold milk for this one.

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Smell test: Sweet chocolate smell. OK.

From the package: “Sabor chocolate enriquecido con vitaminas”

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Company: Arcor Group (Argentina)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Mineirão One Stop Mart, Union Square, Somerville. Review published .

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