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Zapp's Potato Chips New Orleans Kettle Style Sweet Creole Onion

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Zapp's Potato Chips New Orleans Kettle Style Sweet Creole Onion

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Taste test: These potato chips were cut thick, with light yellow surfaces featuring lots of bits of green seasoning, wiggly shapes and lots of skin around the edges.

We crunched in to find an intense flavor, with lots of really tasty sweet onion on a very tasty potato chip. The onion flavor was excellent, as the high level of sweetness was delivered without tasting sugary. The texture was as impressive as the taste. The chips had a major crunch consistent with their thickness, while still being very crisp, so the feel was solid but not hard. These were marked as limited-edition chips, but we hope they stay around, as they were some of the best onion-flavored potato chips ever.

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Smell test: Mild onion smell. Sort of sweet.

From the package: “Some say the Sweet Creole Onion™ only grows around the sugar cane fields here in Gramercy. They are known for their robust onion flavor, with a mellow sweetness. Wild and mild, just what you'd expect from Zapp's.”

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Company: Utz

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Gherkin's Sandwich Shop, Montara, California. Review published .

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