Zapp's Potato Chips Potbelly Brand Hot Peppers
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Zapp's Potato Chips Potbelly Brand Hot Peppers

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Taste test: I've been an occasional eater of Potbelly sandwiches since they opened a store in my neighborhood (at the former Uno's location) almost four years ago. When I order a sandwich, I always get it with "everything," and that includes Potbelly's own proprietary blend of peppers. Sometimes I even ask for extra hot peppers. They also sell jars of these peppers, but I've never actually bought a jar.) With chips promising that same blend of peppers as a flavor, I had to try.

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The chips had very wiggly shapes and sort of a mustardy yellow color, with some dark areas near the edges and a smattering of green seasoning, plus many bubbles embedded inside. I crunched in to find a nice solid, fairly crisp crunch, with a tasty mix of somewhat hot peppers. Sometimes the peppers in those sandwiches pack quite a kick, while other times they're more middling in strength. These ones were more of the middling variety, but the mix of peppers and potato was quite tasty, and by the time I'd eaten the whole small bag, there was a nice mild burn in the aftertaste as well. Good chips!

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Smell test: Mild sweet pepper smell

From the package: “Ya gotta get it hot!” ... “These special edition Potbelly® Hot Pepper Chips are the perfect pairing of New Orleans Kettle Style potato chips and the zippy spice of Potbelly® Hot Peppers. Together we created the perfect combo of spice and crunch so that everybody who comes into a Potbelly Shop can enjoy what we like to call 'The Chips With Zipp!' ”

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Company: Utz

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Review published .

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