Zapp's Potato Chips Voodoo Gumbo
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Zapp's Potato Chips Voodoo Gumbo

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Taste test: These kettle-style potato chips were wiggly and in many cases folded-over, generally golden in orange color, with skin visible around the edges of most chips.

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There was lots of what looked like salt visible on the surfaces of the chips. They had a very nice crunch and a good crispnes, and best of all, they were heavily loaded with the Voodoo Gumbo flavor seasoning. It's hard to describe because it was (as advertised) a mix of many spices, but there was a nice sweetness to it, and it reminded me a little of some of the Canadian varieties of All Dressed chips. There was no heat in the flavor, as one might have expected from a gumbo chip.

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Smell test: Very mild mix of spices. Good.

From the package: “Original Cajun Kettle Recipe” ... “Limited Edition” ... “Voodoo Gumbo is the result of an accident. An employee was moving a pallet of spices off the top shelf and dropped it. While cleaning up, someone stuck their finger into the mixture of about 5 flavors and pronounced it great. We recreated it in our lab and, like gumbo, it's an 'everything in the kitchen' flavor.”

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Company: Utz

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