Yoki Batata Palha
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Yoki Batata Palha

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Taste test: When I spotted this bag along with some other kinds of potato sticks in the snack section of my local Brazilian grocer, I deliberately picked this over another one from the same company that was labeled as "extra thin" because I intended to snack on it, not serve it on a plate of food.

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Both packages showed the potato sticks on a dinner plate, but the pictured potato sticks looked even thinner on the other kind. So when I opened the bag, I was surprised to find even the thicker kind ended up being the thinnest potato sticks I've seen. This made them much more difficult to eat with the hands than normal-sized potato sticks. They tasted very good, with a rich potato taste, but they were so thin that it was much easier to pour them into a bowl and eat with a spoon than to eat with the hands.

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Smell test: Very nice fried potato smell. Mmmm!

From the package: “Crocante e Sequinha”

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Company: Yoki Alimentos S.A. (Brazil)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Seabra Supermarket, formerly Mundial Market, formerly Gol! Supermarket, formerly Supermercado Brasileiro, Somerville, Mass. Review published .

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