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Wicked Stix Katch-Uhp

Wicked Stix Katch-Uhp

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Taste test: These flour-based snack strips were thin, light and crunchy, with a very mild ketchup flavor powder on them. The biggest pieces were just over an inch long. For the most part, the strips were hollow, with the two sides coming together in some areas to increase density and crunchiness. The overall feel was so light that these didn't seem filling at all. A stronger ketchup seasoning would have helped a lot.

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Aroma: Sort of ketchupy, with a very mild tomato smell.

Manufacturer: Wicked Stix

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From the package: "Thanks for trying our product Wicked Stix. We know you will enjoy iy, because we do and we are not just normal folks. Feel free to call us with any comments or suggestions. We might listen or we might not but phone calls are cheap and we might like each other."

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