Wheat Thins Popped Spicy Cheddar

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Wheat Thins Popped Spicy Cheddar

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Taste test: This extreme variation of the established Wheat Thins crackers had square shapes and a somewhat puffy look, remotely like PopChips, but less puffy. The squares were a bit wiggly, and surprisingly, they varied a bit in size. (The varying sizes for crackers that were all square within the same bag seemed odd, so it looked like an optical illusion at first. But when I held them up right next to each other, they were indeed different sizes.)

There was a reasonably strong taste on the first bite, sort of a mildly spicy something, but not particularly a spicy cheddar. After that, the flavor got blander. Not a great taste. They felt more like Popchips than any sort of Wheat Thins crackers, and they had a pretty good crunch, but not really a good crispness, far less than Popchips in that regard. There was a slightly hot aftertaste. Nothing awful really, but weird and bland. One of the oddest "cheddar" flavors we've every tried.

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Smell test: Smells sort of like pesto. Not what at expected.

From the package: “10g whole grain per 30g serving” ... “Delightfully tasty” ... “26 chips for 120 calories per serving” ... “Pop one pop two pop three pop four pop a few more!”

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Company: Mondelez

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