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Walkers Extra Crunchy Simply Salted Potato Crisps

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Walkers Extra Crunchy Simply Salted Potato Crisps

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Taste test: These potato chips had a light yellow color, with some areas of browning, plus many bits of skin around the edges. The shapes were generally wiggly, with some bubbles embedded inside, and they appeared to be cut thick.

We crunched in to find that there was indeed a lot of crunch, as the thick cut came with a moderate level of crispness, producing a loud crunch. The potato taste was strong, similar to many kettle-cooked potato chips, for lots of flavor. Walkers chips are typically very, very crisp, but these certainly lacked that characteristic and won't win any awards for texture, yet they did have a good potato flavor and strong crunch.

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Smell test: Strong potato smell. Salty.

From the package: “sliced a little thicker, made for sharing”

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Company: Walkers Snack Foods Ltd. (United Kingdom)

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This snack was discovered by Bob Whoppererererer at Heathrow Airport. Review published .

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