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Utz Potato Stix

Utz Potato Stix

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Taste test: These potato sticks came in a variety of lengths, with bits of skin visible on the ends of many pieces. They had a pretty good crunch and were loaded with lots of potato taste, without a whole lot of salt. They also seemed to be less greasy than your average potato sticks. Hard to stop eating these.

[Update, February 2014: It turns out, according to Fortune, that these are a staple of Warren Buffett's diet. He drinks five cans of Coke/Cherry Coke daily, and he enjoys having Utz Potato Stix with it.]

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Aroma: Strong fried potato smell.

Manufacturer: Utz Quality Foods, Inc.

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From the package: "We unconditionally guarantee all Utz products."

This snack was contributed to Taquitos.net by the manufacturer. Review published .

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