Utz Hots! Tomatillo Salsa

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Utz Hots! Tomatillo Salsa

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Taste test: These potato chips, one of three flavors in Utz's Hots line, promised an enticing Tomatillo Salsa seasoning, with the lowest heat level of the three — below "Burn" on the Burn/Blaze/Lava scale on the bag. The flavor that promised to go beyond Lava, Scorpion Pepper, didn't come close or even impress with its heat, so we quite wondered what this one from the other end of the scale would bring.

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The chips had wiggly shapes and a light yellow color, with minimal seasoning visible on the surfaces. We crunched in to find a nice crunchy texture and an ever nicer flavoring. Tomatillo Salsa isn't a common chip flavor, and Utz did a great job with it, as the mix of spices was really tasty and quite different from other salsa chips, great to munch on while enjoying some beer. As for heat, we weren't expecting much, but there was a low-level burn that enhanced the flavor nicely, no less hot (and maybe hotter) than the oversold Scorpion Pepper ones.

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Smell test: Very nice salsa smell, great spices!

From the package: “What's your heat”

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Company: Utz

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