Utz Hots! Scorpion Pepper
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Utz Hots! Scorpion Pepper

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Taste test: When we saw that Utz had a new line of hot pepper potato chips, we quickly scooped up all three varieties, and when it came time to decide which to try first, we figured, why not start with the hottest of the Hots? This one promised the heat level of a Scorpion Pepper, with a heat gauge on the bag pointing to the very top of a range that ran from Burn to Blaze to Lava. (The two other flavors are Tomatillo Salsa, pointing to the bottom of the range, and Spicy Cayenne Chili Sauce, between Burn and Blaze.) The chips had wiggly shapes and an uneven smattering of dark red seasoning.

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We crunched in to find that the chips had a nice crunch and a tasty chili and lime flavor, but just the mildest level of heat, a far cry from the promised top of the scale. The aftertaste was hotter than that initial taste, and it did linger for a long while, but it was still only moderately hot. The Scorpion Pepper is supposed to be the second hottest in the world, just behind Carolina Reaper (a pepper we've got some experience eating). These were not anywhere near that level. Very disappointing.

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Smell test: Somewhat strong chile and lime smell, but not really any heat to it.

From the package: “Feel the fiery sting on your lips that sure to linger with Utz's new Hots! Scorpion Pepper flavored potato chips. Hints of lime accent the punch of this hot chili, creating a surge in flavor that keeps you grabbing for more.”

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