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Tostitos Spicy Quesadilla Bite Size Rounds

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Tostitos Spicy Quesadilla Bite Size Rounds

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Taste test: These were fairly flavorful — there was a rich cheese taste and a nice spice that was not too strong.

The spice kicked in after two bites, if we looked for it. They were like regular Tostitos with some taco powder.

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Smell test: Spicy taco powder aroma, smells like the inside of an Ortega taco seasoning pouch.

From the package: “New Tostitos® Spicy Quesadilla Flavored Tortilla Chips give you that great Tostitos® brand taste, plus a burst of zesty, Southwestern sauce and five cheese that get your tastebuds' attention, but never overpowers. So, when you want something with a little kick, dig into a bag of new Tostitos® Spicy Quesadilla Flavored Tortilla Chips. Grab a handful, and pop them into your mouth anytime, because bite size means fun size.” ... “Dig In. Kick Back. Tostitos.™"

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Company: Frito-Lay

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Trivia: This was quite possibly the densest bag of chips on the planet. This tiny bag was quite heavy! Here's what was really weird: it says on the bag that the chips are round. And most of them were. But the first one I grabbed wasn't — it was sort of triangular, but with one rounded edge.

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa at Honey Farms, Framingham, Massachusetts.

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