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photo of Tostitos The Bowl Bag Bite Size

Tostitos The Bowl Bag Bite Size

Tostitos The Bowl Bag Bite Size

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Taste test: This new product from Tostitos wasn't so much about the chips, but about convenience, which is of course a key part of the snack experience. The bag was designed to transform into a bowl (or at least a bowl-like bag) to save snackers trying to watch a football game from the inconvenience of having to reach into an ordinary bag or (shudder!) find a bowl and pour the bag into it.

The square-ish bag had notches about 2-1/2 inches from the top on each side, with the simple instructions: "Tear here! From bag to bowl!" When I did just that, it did tear quite easily on a nearly straight line. I pulled sequentially from both sides, and the rips met fairly cleanly near the middle. The foil of the bag did form a small curlicue where the rips didn't quite align. It didn't look like a bowl at all, but it was reasonably easy to reach into and grab chips. I've seen people make a similar thing by folding a regular chip bag, but this was a bit simpler.

The round tortilla chips were about middling in size, and they had a good light crunch and plenty of salt to bring out a strong corn tortilla taste. They worked pretty well for dipping into salsa.

Aroma: Strong salty corn smell.

Manufacturer: Frito-Lay North America, Inc.

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From the package: "Official tailgate chip of the NFL" ... "On tailgate parties: Let's face it, we love the party but hate the fuss. The bowl bag is an instant party without the mess, bring the bag, bring the party™"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Wal-Mart. Review published .

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