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Tortiyahs! Superior Dipping Chips Sea Salt

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Tortiyahs! Superior Dipping Chips Sea Salt

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Taste test: These large, quarter-circle tortilla chips had a pale beige color and somewhat curvy shapes, so they looked like fairly typical tortilla chips But I found this appearance surprising, given the emphasis on dipping in the marketing copy on the bag. They didn't have scoop shapes like Tostitos Dippers or other dipping-optimized chips.

I crunched in to find that they had a very good crispness and a nice crunch, plus lots of great salty corn taste. They had plenty of surfaces area for dipping, but not really the shapes to hold dip well. Even the pictures on the bag showed stuff being carefully arranged onto the chips, not what they would look like following a dip. Still, very tasty for plain tortilla chips.

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Smell test: Strong corn tortilla smell. Intense.

From the package: “Stone ground corn tortilla” ... “Holds up to hardy dip” ... “Here, in the south where these chips are crafted, we believe in backbone, strength and courage. From the most ginormous guacamoles to the hottest jalapenos sauces, and we say, 'bring your A game.' Because there's a new dipping chip in town.”

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Company: Utz

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