Tom's Thick & Bold Malt Vinegar & Salt Potato Chips

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Tom's Thick & Bold Malt Vinegar & Salt Potato Chips

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Taste test: These potato chips lived up to their name as they had a very thick cut, with a yellow color, some brownish rings on some of the chips and bit of skin around the edges.

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A whitish vinegar seasoning powder was visible on many of the chips. I bit in to find that the crunch was impressive, but any positive texture points were immediately negated by the taste, which was quite a bit different than your typical vinegar chips. Yes, the vinegar zing was there, but it was accompanied by some additional flavor that I didn't at all. Most of our tasters either pointed to the bad taste or just thought the vinegar level was too strong. The taste didn't go over well at all with one of our snackers (who professed to be a fan of vinegar chips) as she, upon biting in, almost immediately wretched and then marched across the room to a trash can to spit the chip out. Not a good sight.

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Smell test: Wow, super-strong vinegar zing!

From the package: “Guaranteed fresh!” ... “0g Trans Fat” ... “My new Thick and Bold Potato Chips are big on crunch and big on flavor! I start with the best potatoes, slice 'em thick and cook 'em slow for the most robust flavor and crunch in every bite. Need to wake up your taste buds? The savory crunch and zip of my Malt Vinegar and Salt Potato Chips will make you pucker with joy!”

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Company: Snyder's-Lance

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