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Tim's Potato Chips Limon con Salsa

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Tim's Potato Chips Limon con Salsa

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Taste test: This bag contained not just lemon-flavored potato chips, but also a small packet of hot sauce to sprinkle onto the chips.

Logistically, the sauce packet complicated things a bit, because to take advantage of the sauce without making a total mess, you've got to pour the chips into a bowl rather than eat them from the bag. The chips were wiggly and there were some salt grains visible on them. When we bit in, we found that the chips had a great crunch and were quite tasty. The hot sauce worked well with the lemon flavor, as the sauce seemed to have some lime in it, and there was a good hot aftertaste. Excellent, but you've gotta eat the chips before the sauce makes them soggy.

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Smell test: Slght lemon smell to the chips, otherwise a potato chips smell.

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Company: Tim's Cascade Snacks

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