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Tedeschi Select Premium Potato Chips

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Tedeschi Select Premium Potato Chips

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Taste test: These were just ordinary potato chips, cut thin, and they were very crisp with a nice fresh potato taste.

There wasn't a ton of salt on them, but there was enough to bring out the potato flavor very well. The bag had a lot of chips in it, and many of them were fairly large, with the vast majority of the chips unbroken. A very nice taste for these convenience store-brand chips.

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Smell test: Very nice fresh potatoey smell.

From the package: “crispy” ... “When you gotta have chips, you gotta have chips. And not the fancy, schmancy kind either. Pure, unadulterated potato chips. Salty. Crunchy Lip-smacking snacking. That's what we're talkin' about!”

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Company: Tedeschi Food Shops

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