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Surtis 4U

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Taste test: This snack mix contained four different elements, described on the front of the bag as Risketos (cheese curls), Triskys (small, short tubes), Buscalíos (small, rectangular corn chips) and Match Ball (tiny cheese balls).

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The Risketos were generally quite short as cheese curls go, some of them nugget-like in shape, and they were quite crunchy and had a lot of tasty cheese. The Triskys were a bit tough to tell apart from the Match Ball, since both were quite small and similar in color, but the holes down the middle of the Triskys did distinguish them. They had a crispier crunch than the Match Ball and tasted like Bugles. Buscalíos were similar to Fritos, except smaller and fairly consistent in size/shape, with minimal curl. They had a lighter crunch than Fritos, and they didn't taste much like Fritos because there was lots of cheese on them, either intentionally or rubbing off from the other kinds. The Match Ball were the smallest cheese balls we've ever seen, with a very soft feel and a lot of cheese for something so small.

Since all four kinds were corn-based, you'd think there was less variety of stuff than most party mixes, but it didn't seem that way when I ate it. A good mix.

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Smell test: Strong, nice cheese smell.

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Company: Risi S.A. (Spain)

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This snack was discovered by Judy and Lee in Barcelona, Spain. Review published .

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